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Our school -Our team

We are a team of enthusiastic and well-trained NT2 teachers.

Our didactics and our vision on education are not only determined by education itself, but we also have a modern vision on migration, integration and emancipation. 

We offer people a safe and quiet setting in which they can study and work on their future in the Netherlands with the best resources.

Those best resources are the best teachers and the best books. Our teachers and books suit the people who come to us to learn Dutch.

We started in 2012 with language lessons, coaching and guidance for people integrating and other immigrants.

We work with care on our courses and on our self study materials.

All our classes are online...


Dedication - Expertise - Passion.

The associates

Ad Appel, Kirsten Verpaalen and Tanja Verhaegen jointly run the language school. Together with ten expert and experienced teachers, they help students learn Dutch and/or pass the basic integration exam (A1), the integration exam (A2) or the NT2 state exam (B1).

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