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Met behulp van een tablet

Integration A1

Course A1

In this course you will achieve the language level A1.

  • The course is for beginners.

  • The next course starts April 23, 2024.

  • Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday (7:30 PM to 9:45 PM).

  • The course lasts 10 weeks.

  • Study load is 150 hours (42 hours of groep lessons incl.)

  • The course lasts until June 27, 2024.

  • The course is online, interactive with your teacher via ZOOM.

  • You will learn the first 1000 words of Dutch.

  • You will learn to give short answers to personal questions.

  • Costs: €272

The next course starts April 23. Click here to register.

How do we do that?

Kijk hier voor  de startdatum van onze volgende cursus.



Our teaching method makes it possible to increase your language level in a short time with the guidance of Ad Appel Taaltrainingen. Our institute guarantees expert help and guidance. We work under the quality mark of NRTO for education and training.

We will help you with our study material, according to our method.  

You will receive instructions and lessons from our study book from page to page. 

Our new method is a combination of self-study, studying with a book & computer and studying with a teacher.


We have a lot of experience with online teaching. At the same time, we at Ad Appel Taaltrainingen guarantee quality. You can rely on our experience and our quality. You are in a group with 30 students. 

Your course has 42 teaching hours – spread over 10 weeks.

A certified and trained teacher is ready to assist you at the agreed time, twice a week


We will place you in the right group after an online test and/or intake.  


You will need our study book for this course. 


Would you rather study independently? Look here for our books and video courses.

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